Moving pictures from Camera Roll to Photo Stream


I was asked today how to get pictures from Camera Roll to Photo Stream on the iPhone, so I thought this made a great tip and trick post.


What is the difference between Camera Roll and Photo Stream?

Photos that are stored in Camera Roll are local only to the iPhone only and are not stored in the iCloud. Photos that are stored in Photo Stream are saved to the iCloud server.

How can I move photos from camera roll to photo stream?

Go into camera roll and select the photo you want to move. Once it is open hold the home and sleep key together and this will copy the photo to photo stream, which in turn will place it into the cloud.

If your photos are not going into Photo Stream¬†automatically, go to Settings–>iCloud and make sure Photo Stream is turned on

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2 Responses to “Moving pictures from Camera Roll to Photo Stream”

  1. Anwar says:

    I have more than 10000 saved photos and posts on my old IPhone
    Nothing works
    Why it has to be so difficult
    Do we need to by another app or a cable to help Apple make more money !!!!!!!!

  2. Bill Mango says:

    Your response on how to transfer photos from Camera Roll to Photo Stream was informative and concise. Please accept my thanks for the info.

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